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Private Lessons with Juan Pablo M

1/week, billed monthly
Piano (ages 12+),   Voice (ages 12+),   Guitar (ages 12+),   Voice/Piano Combo (ages 10+)

Juan Pablo M

Voice & Piano

Lessons Available: All Days In-Person

Juan Pablo is a singer, composer, arranger, vocal coach, and educator bringing an eclectic and rich musical experience influenced by Jazz, Boleros, Salsa, Pop, and Rock. Juan Pablo is a regular live performer, melding his broad stylistic background with his versatile and soaring tenor voice.  He graduated with honors from Los Angeles College of Music as a modern vocal performer and continued his education at the University of North Texas where he received a Vocal Jazz performance degree. Juan Pablo has taught at all levels including at the university level in Mexico City as the Songwriting Program Coordinator, founder and arranger for the Vocal Jazz ensemble, vocal instructor, and theory and ear training teacher. He teachers voice (all levels), guitar (beginner to intermediate), and piano (beginner to intermediate), as well as any composition and songwriting.

His teaching method is based on making the learning experience fun and free, with an always underlying sense of science and academic knowledge that will ensure the student gets a wide spectrum experience of music and art. His experience playing several musical instruments in various different styles, and extensive schooling, makes him a versatile teacher with a great variety of tools to make the student grow and engage in whatever aspect of music they seek. His students love how Juan Pablo make them grow both as musicians and as people. He tries to communicate to his students that making music is one of the most deep human experiences, that should be approached with fearless exploration and freedom, as well as with joyous calculated discipline.

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