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Private Lessons with Steve D

1/week, billed monthly
Piano (ages 10+),   Voice (ages 10+),   Guitar (ages 10+),   Voice/Guitar Combo (ages 10+),   Songwriting (ages 10+)

Steve D

Lessons Available: Mondays In-Person, Sundays Online-Only​​​​​​​

Please note that Sunday times are available Online-Only. Only Monay times are available In-Person at the Academy.

Steve is an experienced educator and musician who specializes in Rock, Pop, R&B, Soul, Metal and Singing/Songwriting. Steve is a graduate of Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts. Majoring in the Band art area. He is trained in classical Tuba and music theory. Steve believes that the gift of music is inside of all of us. His job is to nurture that passion, and help his students blossom into the musicians they are born to be. Steve has over 10 years of experience performing live, and he is the lead singer and bassist of an international touring rock band called Ready the Prince, which has over 2 million steams of Spotify!

What Students Are Saying About Steve: "My daughter enjoyed her lesson so much Stephen is a really good teacher evwn with 1 session only I saw the improvement she learned a lot already thanks Guys Jilliane is very exclted for her next lesson." - JM. • "Friendly staff. Steve, my Instructor started with practical right away." - SH. • "Great experience, contemporary style and helping with my goals!" - DS. • "I like the accessible prices you offer, as well as the many different options to have your class in person or online. The premises are great, very friendly staff and they encourage students to follow their dreams. Awesome school, looking forward to learning more about music." - AL. • "The coaching has been excellent!!" - EB. • "10/10" - OJ. • "10/10" - JM

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