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Private Lessons with Christian R

1/week, billed monthly
Piano (ages 10+),   Voice (ages 10+),   Guitar (ages 10+),   Music Production (ages 10+),   Artist Development (ages 10+),   Songwriting (ages 10+)

Christian R

Lessons Available: Sunday Monday Tuesday & Wednesday Online-Only, Thursday In-Person

Please note that Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, & Wednesdays are available Online-Only. Only Thursday times with Christian are available In-Person at the Academy. 

Christian is a singer-songwriter, composer, arranger, and producer who commenced his musical studies in the U.S. where he earned his first degree in Music. Christian has sung in Funk, Blues, Latin, and Jazz bands and has been working as a vocal coach for many years. He has also studied composition and arranging at the Berklee School of Music partner EMMAT where he graduated as a Contemporary Arranger and Composer. Christian artistic projects involves sharing his life and stories through the blending of words in English and Spanish, using manipulation of sounds and compositional techniques as a blueprint.

What Our Students Are Saying About Christian: "Very relaxed and welcoming voice coach, Chris. He's fantastic. I had never sung in front of anyone in my life and he does a good job not reacting and providing kind, honest feedback. As I improve, Chris paces me so I am taking on enough challenge each week to be stretching my comfort but also not setting my sights on unachievable goals. Front desk staff have always been amazing too. Definitely helped me to follow through on my initial leap of faith to contact Singer's Edge." - KF • "Very organized. I've tried other singing lessons and I've never seen it as organized as this. Great teachers. Love my classes with Chris. He's a very talented singer." - ER. • "Christian is a great instructor who I can relate with. The company creates a happy atmosphere and my customer service experience has been very pleasant." - KU. • "The teacher is knowledgeable and patient great for adult learners. As adults learn different from kids Classes are engaging and instructive" - ME. • "The quality of this teacher is amazing, and the structure the school has set up never disappoints." - BC

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