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Private Lessons with Santiago M

30 min. 60 min.
1/week, billed monthly
Piano (ages 8+),   Voice (ages 8+)

Santiago M

Santiago is a vocal coach with 8 years of international performance experience and 5 years of teaching experience. He has a degree in musical composition and vocal technique. Throughout the years teaching children, teens and adults has become his most valuable skill as he has guided group and private lessons in universities and academies to get my students to the Colombia’s national Conservatory. Also, teaching amateur singers to taking them into the vocal advanced technique is something he is proud of.

Dedicatedly, he has been successfully diving through Jazz, RnB, Classical, Latin and Pop vocal singing, getting his experience performing all of these genres, and he has been also pushed to the limit getting resources as each style requires, and for my teaching methods as well. He really enjoys teaching methods, getting a mix between free-flowing and structured methodology is the real way to take students to the next level.

Santiago has also produced and recorded Latin jazz songs as a personal background in Colombia, Cuba and the USA. Those experiences have taken him to understand how critical teaching is, as a musical director you have to guide the team and that includes coaching sessions to take the musicians to achieve goals previously marked.

$44.00/lesson, Month to month

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