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Private Lessons with Jamani M

1/week, billed monthly
Piano (ages 2+),   Voice (ages 2+)

Jamani M

Voice & Piano

Lessons Available: All Days In-Person

Jamani is a Toronto based Artist and Musician. He is a student of York University’s BFA Music Program with a focus in Voice and Music Production. Jamani also has 12+ years of experience as an Actor and Dancer, allowing him to aid students with elements of their performance, in addition to their vocals and musicality. 

Jamani has experience in studying a wide range of vocal styles, (Jazz, Pop, RnB, Gospel, Italian Classical/Opera, North Indian Classical/Hindustani) allowing him to offer a wide range of technical support and knowledge for his students. He is also a member of the York University Gospel Choir, created by Juno-Award winning Karen Burke. 

“My main goal for my students is to provide a full spectrum of support for their singing — from health & technique to confidence in themselves. As well as to develop a specific and tailored support to the needs of an individual, because every singer is different and we all need support in different areas!”

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